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Class 5 is the school sports elite pilots land yachts.


The drivers in this category combine excellent physical condition, a great mastery of flight, their equipment and its settings and a strong competitive spirit.

The yachting class 5 sports gear is 60 kg, 2 m wide with a 5.5m ² sail, its performance is worthy of a kart, but played on beaches and using a "renewable energy" - the wind - as an engine, it is very environmentally friendly.

Class 5 sports AMX has been designed by Aurelien and Alban Morandiere, with one purpose: to win races.

Our experience of pilots over the last twenty years has allowed us to improve our yachting regularly, and during this last decade we have advanced in various technical fields, including machining, sheet metal, composites and sail.

Today, the result is the purest combination of simplicity, reliability, beauty and performance.

In excellent weather and technical conditions, our land yacht can reach 120 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is comparable to that of a vehicle 110 hp.

Thrill, let you get drunk, and discover the speed, lying in the sand about 10 cm from the floor, eyes only 45 cm over a range battered by the wind.


The objective of AMX, OUR goal is to enable all experienced and novice drivers to have a Class 5 performance at a competitive price.